Pastured Pork

Berkshire pigs raised outside on pasture.  Supplemented with whey (from our cheese making operation) and grain.  Processed at T&E Meats in Harrisonburg, VA, a USDA inspected slaughter house and butcher shop.

We raise Berkshire pigs because they have gentle dispositions and are excellent mothers.  They are a heritage breed with very good carcass qualities.  This means that the meat is tender, tasty, and juicy. 

Bone In Chops - $8.50/pound
Un-cured Bacon - $7.00/pound
Whole Pork Bellies - $6.00/pound
Ribs - $6.50/pound
Odd Bits
Lard - $7.00/12 ounces
Special order cuts upon request

Sausages - $7.00/pound
-  Sage Breakfast
-  Chorizo
-  Garlic Bratwurst
-  Sweet Italian
Boston Butts - $6.50/pound
Boneless Loin Roasts - $8.50/pound
Tenderloin - $11.00/pound

Goat Meat

Available seasonally – summer until it runs out.  

 Sausages - $10.00/pound
-  Sweet Italian
-  Chorizo
Leg Roasts – $10.00/pound
Boneless Loin Roasts - $16.00/pound


Chevre –pasteurized goat milk, fresh - $9.00/8 ounces
-  Bare Naked
-  Herbes de Provence
-  Garlic & Chive
-  Sun-Dried Tomato
-  Spicy Pimento
-  Seasonal (Hellfire, Honey Lemon Lavender, Tzatziki, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Orange)

Feta – raw goat milk, aged 90+ days and packed in brine - $1.25/ounce
McLaurin – raw goat milk, Tomme style, aged 90+ days - $1.50/ounce
Camembert – pasteurized goat milk, bloomy rind - $11.00 each
Goat Berry Truffles – Bare Naked Chevre, Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry Liquour – delicious! – $1.00 each