T&E Meats

In addition to cheese, Spring Mill Farm produces “whey good” pork and goat meat.  T&E Meats in Harrisonburg, VA is our butcher who works closely with us to process our animals in a respectful manner to enable us to provide healthy and wholesome meats to our customers.  T&E Meats, owned by Joe Cloud and Joel Salatin, is managed and operated by the most knowledgeable and contentious butchers around.  Joe, Travis, and their crew have helped to educate us on carcass quality, cut selection, and restaurant trends.  These folks have challenged us and other local to do a better job of raising our animals while continuing to challenge themselves to continuously raise the bar on providing the best meat packing services available to small farms in our region.


Night Sky Farm

Spring Mill Farm recently partnered with Jennifer Downey of Night Sky Farm in Brookneal, VA to house and manage our herd of milk goats.  As our cheese business has grown, so has our need for high quality milk.  Our partnership with Night Sky Farm has allowed us to consolidate the herd of goats from which we obtain our milk to one farm.  In this arrangement, Spring Mill Farm and Night Sky Farm have joint ownership of the goat herd and Spring Mill Farm has control of our milk source and the management of our herd.  Jennifer Downey of Night Sky Farm brings decades of experience raising and managing top quality dairy goats.  Night Sky Farm oversees day to day care of the goats allowing us at Spring Mill Farm to focus our efforts on producing high quality artisan cheese.  The two farms are 13 miles apart and this unique arrangement will allow both farms to capitalize on our strengths and partner to bring our customers exceptional farmstead cheeses.